Your success is our strength

Dynamic changes in the world's economy require constant specialization from entrepreneurs, since nowadays specialization determines the position of a business on the market and its ability to compete. One of the ways to increase specialization is using the services of external service providers, i.e. outsourcing.
Our Company offers co-operation in the field of finance, accounting and computer services. Those areas of activity, indispensable in every company, may be entrusted to a competent and efficient partner. As a result, the entrepreneur can concentrate on the main aspects of business. Outsourcing guarantees organisational efficiency and lowers the costs of such complicated services as for instance preparation of financial statements and payroll, IT assistance, etc. In our activities, we offer individual approach to each Client.

Co-operating with our Partners we pay special attention to using IT and Internet tools that are both convenient and time-saving. Moreover, to persons who manage their own businesses we offer software that enables them to access and analyse key information quickly, which is indispensable in making strategic decisions and evaluating their results.

The latest challenge that Polish businesses face is to meet the requirements of the European Union and to withstand competition from the EU. In order to facilitate possible preparations we are an accredited services provider within the Innovations and Technology for Business Development Programme. We also offer assistance in filling out applications for various subsidies.