Tax and Accounting Services

Our specialised staff not only keep the financial records for our Clients but also provide related training and consultancy in the broad sense of the term. We are strong believers in a flexible approach and we tailor our services to meet the needs of individual entrepreneurs. An outsourcing service consisting in entrusting a comprehensive scope of accounting and tax services to our company follows the modern business management trends.

The scope of offered services includes:
  • Keeping accounting and tax records
  • Keeping the books of account
  • Preparing Charts of Accounts for companies
  • Drawing up Balance Sheets
  • Periodic reporting for the company's own needs
  • Reports for external authorities/institutions
  • A full scope of payroll-related services
  • Preparing of credit applications and similar documents
For Clients requiring extended scope of services we also offer:
  • Keeping financial and accounting records according to international standards
  • Keeping financial and accounting records according to GAAP (US GAAP, as well as GAAP valid in the EU countries)

The service consisting in the preparation of applications and periodic reports is addressed also to those companies which do not require permanent co-operation in the field of accounting.

IT Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive package of services related to information technology. Our experts can implement individually designed reports and complex software to meet Clients' needs specified in the order. They will be happy to advise you on both hardware and software. We own the copyright to the 'Paperless Office' business management system which can be used both as an integrated 'Paperless Office ' package as well as individual modules: invoicing, stock management, finance -accounting, revenues and expenses register, bank transfers and personnel - payroll. Please note that our software is being used successfully by a number of large, medium-sized and small companies.

Human Resources and Payroll

Fulfilment of obligations imposed on entrepreneurs by the labour law and the National Social Insurance Company (ZUS) requires specialist knowledge, good IT tools and considerable labour input. To address those needs, we offer companies HR and Payroll services as the outsourcing solution. Commissioning that service to an outside provider is profitable for the employer regardless of the number of employees.

The scope of the service includes:
  • Calculation of salaries and preparation of payroll
  • Preparation of monthly declarations for ZUS
  • Preparation of other reports required by ZUS and concerning the company and its employees
  • Preparation of monthly and annual income tax declarations from employees and contractors
  • Keeping the remuneration records
  • Preparation of documents connected with entering into and terminating the employment relation
  • Preparation of bank transfers related to the settlement of dues to the state budget and to employees
  • At the Clients request, we are ready to take over all the operations related to payment of salaries

We also make available to our Clients our software on subscription basis and we supervise the work of HR department of the Client?s company. That service comprises the provision and implementation of the software and constant supervision over the correctness of the documentation kept by the Client.

Tax Consultancy

Tax consultancy services are carried out either in the form of a tax opinion prepared at the Client's request or as a continuous service commissioned by the Client's company. Many years of experience of our tax team headed by an expert tax adviser and co-operation with legal advisers and expert auditors ensures high professional standard of the services. We co-operate both with enterprises with legal personality and with individuals (sole traders); to the latter, we also offer preparation of annual tax returns.
We provide the services through personal consultations and via electronic mail.

EU Subsidies

Our specialists co-operate with companies applying for EU subsidies.
  • We provide information on the possibilities of obtaining EU funding
  • We fill out application forms
  • We have been accredited within the framework of the Innovations and Technology (PHARE 2000) Programme

EU structural funds provide a unique opportunity to obtain non-returnable subsidies both for investment projects and for improving the quality of the company management system. Contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities available to Polish businesses.


We offer the possibility to keep accounting and tax records and handling payroll on the basis of Internet communication. Outsourcing services offer an additional benefit in the form of convenient access to timely and complete information on the company's financial status and considerably reduce the costs of acquiring such information. By commissioning services to an outsourcing service provider, the management transfers legal and organisational liability for the performance of such services onto the provider.
The Internet makes a perfect tool supporting accounting work. It is our goal to maximise the usage of electronic mail for contacts with our Clients. When working with those Clients who are 'ready' from the point of view of information technology, we use our proprietary 'Paperless Office' software package for managing financial and accounting affairs. The system is based on the transfer of input data from the computer system of the Client (invoicing, accounting and stock management programmes) directly to our accounting software. This improves the efficiency of services rendered to our Clients.

IT Products

The 'Paperless Office' integrated system serves as a management tool. It is scalable (i.e. offers controlled access of each user to specific data) and enables the change of parameters (i.e. can be adjusted to suit the needs of a specific type of enterprise). We would like to stress the fact that the 'Paperless Office' is a Polish product. We are its authors and we offer full assistance to users at every stage of its operation and implementation, as well as upgrading and technical support. We offer three alternative methods of making the software work for the Client: licence sale, monthly subscription or a comprehensive outsourcing service. The software is able to service many company databases.

The scope of offered services includes:

sales module
  • connected to Finance - Accounting and Revenues and Expenses Register modules
  • strictly connected to the Warehouse module
  • debtor settlement management
  • complex reporting, possibility to create personalized reports
  • possibility to create personalized price lists
  • discounts system
warehouse module
  • creating multiple warehouses
  • groups and subgroups of goods
  • creating sets from separate goods
  • complex reporting, possibility to create personalized warehouse reports
Revenues and Expenses Register and Lumpsum Taxation module
  • complying with the applicable regulation related to keeping revenues and expenses registers
  • contains sales and purchase journals, bank and cash journals, general journal
  • journals of debtors and creditors
  • generating bank transfers, interest payments
  • fixed assets, equipment, VAT registers
  • coupled with Warehouse and Invoicing modules
  • personalized financial reports
financial - accounting module
  • personal files, working time register employee leaves register, remuneration cards
  • automatically exports data to the PÅ‚atnik ('Payer') software
  • enables preparation of monthly and annual tax declarations
  • printing commission contracts, work contracts with bills
  • printing remuneration certificates, bank transfer forms and payment receipts
data import and export
  • data export to foreign financial - accounting systems
  • data import and export from different locations